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Enjoy a Better Patient Experience With the iTero Dental Scanner

Enjoy a Better Patient Experience With the iTero Dental Scanner


Enjoy a Better Patient Experience With the iTero Dental Scanner

West Coast Dental prides itself on staying up-to-date on the latest in dental tools that will improve our level of care, as well as the patient experience. We are excited to announce that our office now has the latest in digital technology with the iTero Element 5D Plus.

This piece of machinery means we can offer a seamless scanning experience for our patients. The iTero scanner means appointments are quicker because the need for traditional impressions is eliminated. They are also more informative because patients can see an image of their mouth on a screen while they are still in the dentist chair.

What Is iTero?

It is an intraoral scanner that captures pictures of a patient’s mouth and creates three-dimensional dental images in just a matter of minutes. It has a small wand that enables your dentist to scan all regions of the mouth including hard-to-reach molars in the back. The iTero intraoral scanner provides a more detailed image than traditional two-dimensional images. Plus, it has a screen that enables your dentist to share the images of your mouth in real-time.

Benefits of the iTeron Dental Scanner

At West Coast Dental, we believe a comprehensive dental exam is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. That’s why we’ve invested in the advanced technology of iTero dental scanners which enable us to provide more accurate treatment plans and more thorough patient education. Here are some of the ways iTero benefits our patients. 

Skip the Impressions

Most people have likely had a dental impression made which involved an unpleasant goopy substance in the mouth. This used to be the only way for dentists to get the information they needed to create restorations such as dental crowns or to plan other treatment options. The gag-inducing dental impression process was fairly accurate, but it was certainly not foolproof. It was also somewhat time-consuming because there was a waiting period before the impressions were properly cured. They usually had to be sent to an off-site lab requiring a follow-up visit for patients once they were read.

Instant and Accurate Results

In addition to being able to skip the entire impression process, iTero dental scanners give your dentist results almost instantly while you are still in the chair. This means quicker visits to the office and less time in the dentist chair. There is also lower turnaround time between getting the impression, fabricating the device or restoration and undergoing treatment. Precision scans mean more accurate restorations that fit properly.

Ease of Use

The noninvasive wand attached to the scanner is well-tolerated by most patients, and it is easy for your dentist to use. The iTero scanner delivers an incredibly accurate and detailed model of your teeth and gums — far beyond what traditional impressions offer.

More Precise Orthodontic Treatment

Although iTero dental scanners have a multitude of uses, they are invaluable for orthodontic treatments, particularly for those patients who want to straighten their teeth with invisible aligners. With iTero, your dentist can get a clear picture of the alignment of your teeth without traditional impressions. The three-dimensional images ensure that the clear aligners are made properly and fit well. 

The iTero scanner not only provides patients with a more pleasant experience overall, but it gives them the confidence to know that their treatment will be effective. The iTero scanner can accurately simulate orthodontic outcomes so patients can get a visual on how their teeth will look after treatment is complete.

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Would you like to learn how iTero can help with your dental care plan? Book an appointment with us today or call us at 888-329-8111 to find out how this new technology can provide you with a better experience at the dentist.


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