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How To Choose The Best Toothpaste for a Happy and Healthy Smile

How To Choose The Best Toothpaste for a Happy and Healthy Smile


How To Choose The Best Toothpaste for a Happy and Healthy Smile

by West Coast Dental

All dental professionals agree that brushing your teeth is the best way to keep them healthy and looking fantastic. They also recommend that everyone uses a fluoride toothpaste when brushing, regardless of their age. Nevertheless, each patient is different, and with so many different brands and types of toothpaste to choose from, how do you know which is the best one for your teeth? Whether you want a whiter smile, stronger enamel or something suitable to be used on sensitive teeth, here are our top tips on how to choose the best toothpaste for you. 

Choosing the Right Brand of Toothpaste

There are lots of different brands of toothpaste currently on the market, and selecting the right one can feel a little overwhelming. At West Coast Dental, we are committed to giving our patients the highest quality care. This includes providing them with the right information for caring for their teeth at home, too. For this reason, there are two well-known brands of toothpaste that we work with and particularly recommend to our patients. These are Crest and Oral B. 

Crest Toothpaste

Crest is arguably one of the most recognized dental brands worldwide and has been providing people with healthy, beautiful smiles for more than 60 years. They also remain committed to being at the forefront of innovation. In addition to toothpaste, their product range extends to whitestripsmouthwash and dental care for kids. Meanwhile, their extensive range of toothpastes makes it much easier to select the variety that most suits your dental needs.

Oral B Toothpaste

Oral B is another extremely reputable dental brand that began with the creation of a new style of toothbrush back in 1950. Since that time, their product range has continued to expand to include electric toothbrushes, flossing options, mouthwash and of course, toothpaste. Their extensive toothpaste collection includes varieties that target specific problems such as gum disease or tooth sensitivity, as well as a whitening toothpaste that will help to improve the color of your smile. 

The Importance of Selecting the Right Toothpaste

The oral health and teeth of every patient are unique, meaning that in addition to overall cleanliness and health, they may also have specific needs from their toothpaste. For example, someone who has the early signs of gum disease will benefit from a toothpaste that targets gum health while a patient who has undergone a whitening procedure will want to sustain their results using a whitening toothpaste. Choosing the best toothpaste for your individual needs will maximize the benefit that you will get from brushing your teeth. 

Best Whitening Toothpaste

Professional, in-office teeth whitening is the most effective way to quickly improve the color of your teeth, but using a whitening toothpaste will help you to maintain your results long-term. The bleaching process can leave your teeth feeling sensitive. So, choosing a variety that is both whitening and suitable for sensitive teeth  — such as Oral B’s 3D White Whitening Therapy Whitening Sensitive Toothpaste is advised. Not only will they leave your teeth clean and healthy, but whitening toothpaste will help to future-proof the color of your smile.  

Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Professional whitening isn’t the only cause of sensitive teeth. Forceful brushing, grinding your teeth, acidic foods, gum disease and tooth decay can all wear down the enamel. This exposes the sensitive area within causing you to experience pain when eating or drinking anything particularly hot, cold or sweet. Sensitive teeth can be extremely painful, but there are some toothpastes that are specially formulated to treat and relieve sensitivity including Crest Sensitivity Complete Protection

Best Toothpaste for Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common condition that is characterized by infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. It’s mostly painless until it becomes advanced. When left untreated, it can cause all types of problems including gum recession and tooth loss. If you have the early signs of gum disease, you should consider using a toothpaste that is specially designed to treat the condition such as Oral B’s Gumline Purify Deep Clean toothpaste.

Best Toothpaste for Kids

Children need to brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, too — albeit just a tiny amount. If your child is like many others and can’t tolerate the minty taste of regular toothpaste, brands like Crest and Oral B offer alternative flavors. Crest’s selection of kid-themed toothpastes includes blue bubblegum and strawberry flavors. Choose a tube with their favorite character on it to help make brush time fun and instill good habits that will last them a lifetime.

Finding the Right Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with the right toothpaste is the best way to preserve your oral health, your teeth and your smile. If you have any questions about choosing the best toothpaste or if you would like to – get further advice on brushing your teeth, schedule an appointment at West Coast Dental today. We have several locations available, whether you are seeking a Norco dental clinic, Arcadia, Torrance, Covina and all around California! Our staff are always ready to help.


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