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When Does a Tooth Need To Be Pulled? 6 Situations Prone to Tooth Extraction

When Does a Tooth Need To Be Pulled? 6 Situations Prone to Tooth Extraction


When Does a Tooth Need To Be Pulled? 6 Situations Prone to Tooth Extraction

Our teeth are generally quite resilient, but on occasion, there are reasons a tooth may need to be removed. Tooth extraction is always a last resort, but sometimes it is necessary.

When Does a Tooth Need to Be Pulled? Top 6 Reasons

It is not uncommon to need a tooth extracted, and there is no need to worry if your dentist tells you that you need to have a tooth removed. He or she will talk you through the process if that’s what you prefer, and they will keep you as comfortable as possible. Extractions are a routine procedure, and you are in capable hands. Here are six reasons your tooth may need to be pulled.

  1. To Protect Your Other Teeth

Your dentist may advise you to have your tooth extracted to maintain the overall health of your other teeth and your mouth, in general. One of those instances occurs when you have an impacted tooth.

Sometimes teeth don’t develop properly and they can get stuck under the gum and become impacted. This can cause complications such as infections and pain. In these cases, the tooth will need to be removed to stop this. This is very common with wisdom teeth. Some signs you may have an impacted tooth include facial swelling, swollen gums, pain when chewing and bad breath.

  1. Tooth Decay

When a tooth is damaged by tooth decay and can’t be repaired with a filling or crown, extraction may be necessary. If the tooth is left untreated, it can lead to a painful abscess which can also lead to bone loss which will affect the surrounding teeth and gums. Decay can make your teeth very brittle. You may also notice holes, black patches and staining on your teeth.

  1. Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when the gums become infected. Over time, if left untreated, the tissues, ligaments and bone surrounding the teeth can become infected and start to deteriorate. When this happens, your teeth can become loose and they will then need removal and could fall out by themselves. Signs you may have periodontal disease include swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth and bad breath.

  1. Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to erupt. So, they need to be removed so they don’t cause problems with your jaw and other teeth or become impacted. It is not always the case that wisdom teeth cause problems, but it is common.

It is also common for them to not fully erupt, making them hard to brush. This can lead to food and debris getting stuck and can cause tooth decay and infection.

  1. Overcrowding

Overcrowding happens when there isn’t enough space in your mouth for all of your teeth. This can cause problems with eating and speaking, and it can sometimes be painful.

To remedy this, teeth need to be extracted so they can move into alignment. Removal of teeth also happens when orthodontic treatment is to take place. This allows for movement of the teeth

  1. Broken Teeth and Trauma

Traumatic dental injuries often happen because of a sports injury or accident. Most of the time, the injury is minor and the tooth can be repaired. However, in some cases, too much damage is done to the tooth and the only option is extraction.

Sometimes, due to decay or cracks in your tooth, it may break. If too much breaks off and a filling, crown or bridge isn’t an option, then again, removal of the tooth will be the only option.

Tooth Extraction at West Coast Dental

Sometimes, tooth extraction is unavoidable. However, we are here to provide the best possible treatment for you at West Coast Dental and set your mind and mouth at ease. Regular checkups are important for maintaining a healthy mouth. We will be able to assess your mouth and advise you if any teeth need extraction. If they do, we can talk you through the treatment process and let you know what to expect.

If you are experiencing pain, swelling or have broken a tooth, our dentist in Valencia, Pomona, Lynwood, or any West Coast Dental clinic near you got you covered. You can book an emergency appointment with us for the same day. We are ready to help you as soon as you book an appointment.

Our West Coast Dental professionals are always available to assist you.  Whether you are seeking a dentist in Van Nuys, Whittier, or Buena Park, we have a range of locations throughout Southern California. Find the location nearest you and call us today!


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