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Silent Nite®: Stop Snoring, Start Living!

Silent Nite®: Stop Snoring, Start Living!

Silent Nite®: Stop Snoring, Start Living!

Silent Nite®: Stop Snoring, Start Living!

Silent Nite® prevents snoring by opening the airway and making breathing easier.

Bed partner disturbance is the primary reason most people seek treatment for snoring. Daytime sleepiness is also the main reason people seek treatment. With Silent Nite, you can say farewell to snoring.

“My Silent Nite®  fits like a glove and I can’t fall asleep without it. I have better sleep and mental focus and I am more alert” – Kelly B.
“On the first night of using my Silent Nite®  appliance, I was so quiet that my wife actually checked to make sure I was still breathing.”  – Maurice W.


What causes snoring?

During sleep, muscles and soft tissues in the throat and mouth relax, shrinking the airway. This increases the velocity of airflow during breathing. As the velocity of required air is increased, soft tissues like the soft palate and uvula vibrate. The vibrations of these tissues result in “noisy breathing” or snoring.

How can I prevent snoring?

For the majority of snorers, the most affordable, noninvasive, comfortable and effective solution is a snore prevention device, such as the Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance, prescribed by dentists. The patient-specific Silent Nite® oral appliance treats snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea by gently shifting the lower jaw into a therapeutic position during sleep, which increases the space in the airway and reduces air velocity and soft-tissue vibration. Connectors are attached to transparent, flexible upper and lower splints that are formed to the teeth. The fit is excellent and comfortable, permitting uninhibited oral breathing.

Most people find oral appliance therapy to be very successful. One study, which followed patients for 2.5 years, found oral appliances to be well-accepted by 90% of patients. The study also concluded that these devices significantly improve respiratory function and sleep quality.

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